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Run containers on autoscaling, self-healing infrastructure. Get dedicated support and development consulting from CNCF-certified administrators.

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The Supergiant team is among the first selected by the CNCF as official Service Providers for our extensive expertise, enterprise support capacity, and contributions to the Kubernetes ecosystem.


With the widest range of cloud and on-premise infrastructure compatibility, our team is able to cater to your specific environment and needs. Become more nimble within your existing infrastructure.

Cost Conscious

Supergiant's autoscaling keeps your infrastructure lean and efficient. Automatically scale up for the front of Reddit, Hacker News, or the Oprah effect, and reclaim costs when traffic returns to normal.

Professional Support for Professional Environments

Automate orchestration, deployment, and scaling of containerized applications. Deploy faster and reduce infrastructure expenses when you consult with the experts.

Supergiant helps you run Kubernetes in production with expert confidence, enterprise stability, and lean efficiency.

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The Supergiant Product:

We believe we can learn more from each other when we share. Supergiant is open-source under an Apache 2.0 license. It's free to use, modify, and distribute.

And it’s the first container orchestration system built specifically handle high-availability, distributed, stateful apps. We would love your feedback to help make Supergiant even better.

The Supergiant Team:

The team at built Supergiant from the need to run high-availability, self-recovering, hosted Elasticsearch at scale.

It's the only container orchestration system that increases performance and reliability while lowering infrastructure costs.

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