Open source hardware autoscaling for Kubernetes

Run dockerized apps on autoscaling hardware, like one giant, self-healing computer.

  • Supergiant is built for web scale

    Autoscaling Hardware

    Supergiant reads container RAM/CPU requests/limits and manages HA hardware nodes to match automatically. Never outgrow again.

  • Supergiant is built on Google's Kubernetes

    Easy Kubernetes Install

    Use Supergiant to deploy Kubernetes on multiple clouds in minutes. Use the Supergiant API to streamline production deployment.

  • Supergiant is for stateful applications

    Built for Stateful Apps

    Developed by the team at for big data. Run stateful, distributed apps and databases in a reliable HA environment.

  • Supergiant packing algorithm

    Lower Hardware Usage

    Using Supergiant’s packing algorithm, lower hardware costs and use only the hardware you need with computed efficiency.

Supergiant is Open-Source

We believe we can learn more from each other when we share. Supergiant is open-source under an Apache 2.0 license. It's free to use, modify, and distribute.

And it’s the first container orchestration system built specifically handle high-availability, distributed, stateful apps. We would love your feedback to help make Supergiant even better.


Supergiant was built by the team at from the need to run high-availability, self-recovering Elasticsearch at scale.

It's the only container orchestration system that increases performance and reliability while lowering hardware costs.

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