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Mark can frequently be seen wearing a spacesuit at CNCF conferences.

Mark Brandon


Mark is the CEO and Co-founder of Qbox, the creator of Supergiant, where he oversees all aspects of company operations, including product direction, sales, marketing, HR, operations, and fundraising. Prior to Qbox, he was an enterprise sales leader at Oracle, Dell, and Apple. Today, Qbox has offices on two continents, with over two dozen employees, many of whom are Certified Kubernetes Administrators. Mark also serves on the CNCF Marketing Committee.

Mike loves FJ cruisers and was on the committee that authored the CKA exam.

Mike Johnston


Before joining Qbox, Mike had already established himself as an expert in the DevOps field, working for over 15 years with everything from large organizations like Walmart to small startups, helping them optimize their infrastructure. Since joining the team, Mike has transitioned the Qbox infrastructure to Kubernetes, co-created Supergiant, has become a Kubernetes contributor, and served on the Cloud Native Computing Foundation Certification Committee where he helped author the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam.

Aaron Teague

CKA, Technical Support

Clarke Vennerbeck

CKA, CKAD, Technical Support

Dmytro Tsapko

Supergiant Feature Developer

Eldridge Henley

CKA, Technical Support

Gerald Lamont

Supergiant Project Manager

Gleb Stepanov

CKA, Supergiant Feature Developer, Technical Support

Joe Kane

Supergiant Front-End Engineer

Kelly Strauch

Analyst, Product Strategist

Kirill Goltsman, PhD

Content Director

Michael Lussier

Technical Support Engineer

Nick Rager

Technical Support Engineer

Serhii Aheienko

CKA, Technical Support

Taras Hetmanchuk

Design Lead

Victoria Coppett

Operations Manager

Will Cooper

Account Executive

Yegor Chumakov

Supergiant Feature Developer

The cloud is too expensive. Let us fix that for you.

Supergiant was born of the need to reduce waste on cloud investment.

The Company

Supergiant is a brand of Qbox Hosted Elasticsearch, and was born of the need to reduce waste on cloud investment.

The Supergiant toolkit was created to “scratch our own itch,” as they say. Our cloud bills were too high because our hardware utilization was too low. We found that the so-called autoscaling tools from most vendors only meant it was easy to scale up. Seriously? Anybody can scale up! Actually, scaling down is what is most important when you are on a budget and paying by the compute hour. At the end of the day, our utilization went from the low teens to over 92% utilization, saving us 50% off our cloud bill, a sum that amounted to over a half million dollars per year. Profit margins doubled, and we had flexibility to invest in our own product rather than seeing money fly out the door into the pockets of the public cloud providers. This was too good to keep secret.

Our mission is to bring these cloud-native, open-source tools other businesses. We have contributed the tools to the open source community, and if you like them, consider getting a Kubernetes Support Subscription from us. Remember: most companies are not interested in helping their customers scale DOWN. Supergiant allows you to scale infrastructure UP AND DOWN, based on what your business and applications ACTUALLY need.


Come work with Supergiant

We are a global company based in Fayetteville, Arkansas (USA) with offices in Europe and Southeast Asia. We are always looking for exceptional engineering and DevOps talent. Visit our job board below and submit your resume if you’re interested in working with our fantastic team.

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