Core Team

Meet the folks who maintain Supergiant

  • Ben Hundley portrait

    Ben Hundley


    Ben is CTO, co-founder of Qbox, and a total geek for ops performance. Over the last 3 years, he has been in the trenches of tuning Elasticsearch clusters for hosted clients. Supergiant is the product of all the sweat and cleverness we’ve mustered while serving customers at web-scale.

  • Mike Johnston portrait

    Mike Johnston


    Mike has proven himself to be a DevOps superstar at Qbox. It was Mike’s in-depth infrastructure analysis that pointed Qbox to Kubernetes. Together with Ben, Mike made the Supergiant super-easy installer a reality in record time.

  • Brian Sage portrait

    Brian Sage


    Brian is Qbox Product Manager. He bridges the gap between our business strategy and technology development. In a past life, Brian oversaw development of analytics and channel attribution technology, so he comes to us with great experience, an eye for detail, and JavaScript skills.