Supergiant Changelog 11.30.2018


  • Analytics UI. The cluster metrics provided by Prometheus is now displayed in real-time on the Cluster Details page in Supergiant Control. 
  • GCE service provider added. Google Compute Engine (GCE) cloud accounts are now available along with AWS and DigitalOcean.
  • App Store Cleanup. We introduced new features such as refreshing data from repositories, charts filtering, and charts customization/configuration.
  • Supergiant Analyze ALPHA released. Users can now install Supergiant Analyze as a Helm chart from Supergiant repository. Two resource optimization plugins (Resource requests/limits check plugin and Underutilized nodes sunsetting check plugin) are now available in Supergiant Analyze. 
  • UX/UI and stability improvements.

In Progress

  • UI/UX improvements for Supergiant Analyze and Supergiant Capacity.
  • Creating stable API for all Supergiant components and documenting API.
  • Improving documentation for Supergiant Capacity and Supergiant Analyze.
  • Adding support for cluster deployment on bare metal servers (e.g., Packet).


  • Adding support for cluster deployment on bare metal servers (e.g., Packet).
  • Major Minor Patch release methodologies.
  • Improved test coverage.
  • Adding user email notifications for failed checks in Supergiant Analyze plugins.
  • Allowing users to manually trigger checks from the Supergiant Analyze dashboard.
  • Allowing users to set check execution interval for each plugin.
  • Enabling users to write their own plugins for Supergiant Analyze.


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