KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Copenhagen 2018: Day 2

Over 90 IT companies, about 4,000 attendees, top-notch organization and staff — all under one very large roof: that’s KubeCon Europe 2018.

This year the annual KubeCon Europe is taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the high-tech Bella Center.

As always, the venue is gathering the companies heralding cloud-native applications, containerization, and Kubernetes. Dan Kohn, the Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) that organizes the event, noticed that Kubernetes and the cloud-native approach are gaining traction in the tech industry becoming a de facto standard for running applications at scale.

4,000 thousand attendees (compared to just several hundred at the first KubeCon in 2016 in San Francisco), Kubernetes integration by major cloud providers, and the growth of the CNCF project participants (e.g., DigitalOcean became a Gold member in 2017) reflect the wider adoption of the Kubernetes and cloud native applications by the community.

The cloud native ecosystem, however, is still evolving as the conference sessions show. Today’s hot topics are Kubernetes security, cloud native storage, and programming languages (e.g., Ballerina), service meshes, container runtimes, effective CI/CD with Kubernetes, and serverless architectures. Machine Learning at scale was another trendy theme centered around Kubeflow and other projects for cloud native ML. Kubernetes and cloud-native platforms are gradually incorporating all sorts of technology stacks that make up today’s world of computing, aligning them with microservices architecture and containerization and addressing emerging security and networking challenges.

As cloud-native solutions are becoming even more ubiquitous, we are likely to witness the Kubernetes transformation into a core, low-level feature of any software development process. According to Alexis Richardson, CNCF TOC Chair and WeaveWorks CEO, we are just several steps away from asking Kubernetes to run our code directly even without containers. Sounds radical? Right, since KubeCon continues to be the place where new ideas and projects are born and take shape.

As one of the sponsors of the conference, Supergiant plays an important part in this process. We invite you to visit Supergiant’s official KubeCon booth (booth #SU-C17) if you are close to the venue. In any case,  stay tuned to the upcoming reports about KubeCon events in Copenhagen to learn more.

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