Mike Johnston at KubeCon EU: Zombie Kubernetes! Raising Nodes from the Dead

In late March, Mike Johnston of Supergiant presented “Zombie Kubernetes! Making Nodes Rise from the Dead” at KubeCon EU 2017 in Berlin. He focused on how to install Kubernetes using immutable configuration and also covered removing points of provisioning failure by leveraging cloud-config for configuration.

About Supergiant

Supergiant runs on top of Kubernetes and ensures that things are easier for engineering and support teams to configure. It doesn’t obscure Kubernetes in any way: it simply brings deep Kubernetes features to the surface and makes them easy to manage.

Supergiant’s packing algorithm also augments Kubernetes’ built-in resource allocation by automatically handling instance provisioning and allocation for you. For example, if you are running large instances for your cluster, it does not make sense to start another large server for just one customer. The packing algorithm will automatically choose the correct servers that meet the specific needs of your environment.

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