Supergiant Designated a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

Cloud Native Computing Foundation Names Inaugural Class of Providers at Open Source Summit

During the opening keynote of Open Source Summit North America, the CNCF named eleven companies as Kubernetes Certified Service Providers (KCSP). We are very proud that the Supergiant team is one of them. Link to the press release here.

Kubernetes Certified

The plan to designate Kubernetes Certified Service Providers was first announced at KubeCon North America last November. Since then, the CNCF has been busy working with a community of top Kubernetes engineers to implement a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam and standards for certified providers. The working group established four requirements:

  1. Membership in CNCF and the Linux Foundation. Begun as a joint venture between Google (initial creator of Kubernetes) and the Linux Foundation, the CNCF has rapidly expanded to include 10 cloud native projects, including Prometheus, containerd, rkt, and others. Supergiant has been a CNCF member since mid-2015.
  2. Three Certified Kubernetes Administrators. This, of course, required passing the CKA exam, released in beta at the end of August.
  3. A record of contributions to the project.  Supergiant co-creator, Mike Johnston, was an invited participant in the working group that created the CKA exam.
  4. A business plan for implementing Kubernetes-related services for clients. Our team built to serve highly available services for clients all over the world, and we cut our infrastructure expenses 50% with an engineered move to Kubernetes. We’re now ready to help your teams do the same.

We are honored to have this designation. Our KCSP practice starts today with the team offering a range of Kubernetes products, including open-source tools, consulting, development support, and Kubernetes production support options.

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