Supergiant Announces Winners of Echo Drawing

The Supergiant team had a great time at the Linux Foundation’s LinuxCon and ContainerCon last week in Toronto. It was a special week for the Linux community, celebrating 25 years since Linus Torvalds sent an email missive requesting help on the kernel he had been developing, giving birth to the open-source movement. Torvalds himself stopped by the Supergiant booth.

Supergiant: Win Echo

Visitors to our booth were entered into a drawing to win an Amazon Echo. We had hoped to do this drawing at the event, but we didn’t actually get the list until after we got home. To show that everything was on the up and up, we recorded this video of Mark Brandon demonstrating the Echo and Alexa Voice Assistant before he randomly drew the names of the winners.

Supergiant Announces Winners of Echo Drawing

The two winners were John-Alan Simmons, CTO of Conference Cloud, and Salman Saidi from Intel.

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