Supergiant Is Now a Certified Kubernetes Provider

We are proud to announce that Supergiant passed the Kubernetes conformance tests on August 13, 2018, and is now a Certified Kubernetes Provider.

Supergina Certified Kubernetes

Supergiant is a flexible Kubernetes toolkit that enables simplified deployment and management of containers on Kubernetes using a cost-effective auto-scaling algorithm designed to minimize cloud infrastructure costs. Because Kubernetes is the key component of the Supergiant platform, our team strives to maintain the project in accordance with the Kubernetes platform’s principles and best practices. Therefore, we decided to participate in the Kubernetes Software Conformance Certification program to certify Supergiant’s conformance with Kubernetes standards.

This program is operated by the Kubernetes Software Conformance Working Group in collaboration with SIG Architecture and SIG Testing to ensure that when you use a Certified Kubernetes product you get a high level of common Kubernetes functionality and features. In order to become a certified Kubernetes provider, a candidate product must pass a number of conformance tests that ascertain that Kubernetes APIs are exposed correctly and that applications developed or managed with a product can run successfully on Kubernetes. (You can find more information about the conformance verification process here.)

Supergiant’s conformance with Kubernetes standards is very important to us because Supergiant was conceived as a useful toolkit that extends Kubernetes APIs and simplifies cluster management. While extending Kubernetes, however, Supergiant maintains core Kubernetes functionality intact, providing users access to low-level Kubernetes APIs, command tools, and other core features.

If you want to learn more about Supergiant, check out these materials:


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