Visit the Supergiant Booth at AWS re:Invent 2017

Supergiant will join other containerization experts at AWS re:Invent 2017 in Las Vegas on November 27 – December 1to introduce our new open-source Kubernetes as a Service product.

Connect with peers and cloud experts, engage in hands-on labs and bootcamps, and learn how AWS can improve developer productivity, network security, and application performance while keeping infrastructure costs low.

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Supergiant Cloud is fully-managed, auto-scaling Kubernetes. Use Supergiant’s intuitive UI to launch containers and Helm Charts just like apps. Add a custom registry and launch custom projects without fuss.

Supergiant uses a packing algorithm that typically results in 25% lower compute-hour resources. It also enhances predictability, enabling customers with fluctuating resource needs to more fully leverage forward pricing such as AWS Reserved Instances.

The Supergiant team has three CKA’s (Certified Kubernetes Administrators) and is among the first selected by the CNCF as official Service Providers for our extensive expertise, enterprise Kubernetes support capacity, and contributions to the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Supergiant is available on Github. It is free to download and usable under an Apache 2 license. It currently works with Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Open Stack, Google Cloud, and Packet. Supergiant is a member and contributor to The Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

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