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Supergiant Cloud is auto-scaling Kubernetes you can deploy without hassle

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Launch Apps, Not Endless Configurations

Use Supergiant's intuitive UI to launch containers and Helm Charts on Kubernetes just like apps. Add a custom registry and launch custom projects without fuss.

Kubernetes on AWS and More...

Supergiant is compatible with more cloud providers and infrastructure layers than any other Kubernetes-based software, letting you make more out of credits and reserved instances in more places.

Cost-Aware, Cost-Effective Auto-Scaling

Supergiant's cost-aware auto-scaling keeps infrastructure lean and efficient. Automatically scale up for the front page of Reddit and automatically reclaim costs when things are quiet.

Built by Experts

The Supergiant team is among the first selected by the CNCF as official Service Providers for our extensive expertise, enterprise support capacity, and contributions to the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Backed by Experience

The team at Qbox.io built Supergiant from the need to run high-availability, self-recovering, hosted Elasticsearch at scale.

We built the only container orchestration system that increases performance and reliability while lowering infrastructure costs.

Made to be Flexible

With the widest range of cloud and on-premise infrastructure compatibility, our team is able to cater to your specific environment and needs. Become more nimble within your existing infrastructure.

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For now, if you haven't seen it already, read our case study, and learn how we saved 5 figures per month with Supergiant.

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