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Developer Support

Launch sooner, with fewer hangups. Consult with the experts. Empower your teams.

While in development, get Supergiant support that understands your project, and get ready to deploy in record time.

What to Expect:

Onboarding: Our Supergiant support engineers will become familiar with your project goals, help you plan your service architecture, and educate your development team to launch containerized services on Supergiant quickly with fewer hangups.

Development: Contact your Supergiant development support engineers via phone, email, or our helpdesk ticketing system as you develop, and get expert answers to your challenges. Successfully launch your project more efficiently, with less hardware cost.

Production-Level Support

Run in production with expert confidence, enterprise stability, and lean efficiency.

The Qbox team, the creators of Supergiant, are already trusted by hundreds of organizations to deliver timely support for production-level applications. Get backed by the Qbox Supergiant support team, and maximize your uptime.

What to Expect:

Onboarding: Get an introduction to our Supergiant support engineers assigned to your organization. Our engineers will become familiar with your system architecture, and produce a best-practices review that fits the goals of your architecture.

Production: Contact your Supergiant production support engineers via phone, email, or our helpdesk ticketing system, and get break/fix support, upgrade guidance, and help with any other question or issue that should arise in production.

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