Support Policy

Support Policy


Revision Date:  11.1.2018

  • Overview

Qbox, Inc. (“Company,” “we,” or “our”), is the developer and owner of Supergiant, the open source software Kubernetes platform-as-a-service project that is hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.  

The following terms, as updated from time to time on this page, constitute the “Support Policy” that governs the suite of Services that we offer, including but not limited to technical support related to Supergiant, that a Customer may purchase by executing an Order Form with us.  

This Support Policy goes into effect as soon as a Customer signs an Order Form.  It applies to any Order Form with an Effective Date from the Revision Date noted above, until (but not including) the date we publish a later revision of the Support Policy.  All active versions of the Support Policies will be made available {HERE}.

  • Definitions

Capitalized terms not defined here have the meanings provided in the Order Form executed between the parties and its related documents.

“Services” has the meaning agreed by the parties in the Order Form.  

“Company Support Specialist” means an individual employee or subcontractor of Qbox, Inc. who is authorized to resolve questions related to Services or Incidents.

“Configuration” means a unique combination of Kubernetes version, operating system, container runtimes, and machine specifications (physical or virtualized) that are configured together for the purpose of running Kubernetes or Supergiant software.

The Customer “Point of Contact” means an individual person to whom all communications related to Customer’s use of the Services will be addressed and who will have the authority to act on Customer’s behalf in all matters regarding the Agreement.  Customer’s initial Point(s) of Contact is named in the Order Form.

“Ticket” means a ticket that Customer submits via Qbox, Inc.’s web-based support ticketing system for Company to resolve or address, regarding a single event concerning a Configuration.

“Fees” has the meaning agreed by the parties in the Order Form.

“Business Day,” also “Business Hours,” means Monday through Friday, 8 am – 5 pm, US Central Time, excluding national holidays in the United States.

  •  Support Tiers

The terms of Support for the Support Tiers currently available are provided below.

1. Introduction Support

  • Hours of Support: Business Hours
  • Limited to 6 weeks
  • Advance Payment Required
  • 20 hours applied to one or more of our services: Kubernetes consulting
  • Response Time: 2 Business Days

2. Development Support

  • Hours of Support: Business Hours
  • Unlimited Support Tickets, Maximum of one open Ticket at any given time.

    Response Times:

  • Response Time: 2 Business Days (All Severity Levels)

3. Gold Production Support

  • Hours of Support: Business Hours
  • Unlimited Support Tickets
  • 3 Named Company Support Specialist

     Response Times:

  • Severity 1 4 Hours
  • Severity 2 12 Hours
  • Severity 3 Next Business Day

4. Platinum Production Support

  • Hours of Support: 24x7x365
  • Unlimited Support Tickets
  • 5 Named Company Support Specialists

     Response Times:

  • Severity 1 – 1 Hour
  • Severity 2 – 4 Hours
  • Severity 3 –  12 Hours

Severity Levels

Severity 1.

A Severity 1 Ticket involves an event that causes a severe business impact to production services and no work-around exists.

Severity 2.

A Severity 2 Ticket involves an event that causes noticeably degraded or restricted production services or a severe impact to non-critical production services.

Severity 3.  

A Severity 3 Ticket involves an event that involves partially degraded or restricted production services with minimal business impact and functional operations.  Unless otherwise specified with support personnel or through the ticketing system, all Tickets will begin at a Severity 3 level.

  • Support Scope

The Company shall provide Services for the Configuration or the Configurations that are specified and agreed by the parties in the Appendix to an Order Form by Company and Customer.  Configurations not specified in the Appendix will not be supported. We will provide the Customer with general assistance and support for the software specified in the Order Form, according to the Support Tier agreed and purchased in the Order Form.  The Company shall use all commercially reasonable efforts to meet targeted response times. The Customer acknowledges that the time required for resolution may depend on specific circumstances, including but not limited to:

    • The level of cooperation and responsiveness from the Customer for materials, information, and access,
    • The nature of the problem,
    • The known information about the problem, or
  • The extent and accuracy of the known problem.
  • Customer Obligations

As a condition for receiving Support, Customer must adhere to the following obligations:

    • Customer must ensure that its personnel can sufficiently communicate with Company Support Specialists in fluent and conversational English and with sufficient technical skills.  
    • Customer must maintain within its organization at least one Customer Support Contact to serve as its primary point of contact for day-to-day communications, consultation, and decision-making regarding the Services.  At least one initial Customer Support Contact is identified in the Order Form. If Customer wishes to replace its Customer Support Contact, it must give written notice to Company.
    • Customer must inform Company of names and contact information of staff approved to perform maintenance on the supported Configuration or Configurations.  
    • Customer must specify hierarchy of its staff in case decisions must be made affecting Customer’s Configuration or Configurations.  
    • Customer must provide Company with a description and definition of the uses and goals of the supported Configuration or Configurations.  
    • Customer must use reasonable efforts to understand the problem and to provide sufficient information to Company to facilitate the performance of the Services.
    • Customer must use reasonable efforts to ensure that the Configuration or Configurations have sufficient compute resources to achieve Customer’s stated goals.
    • Customer must not use the Services in connection with development or enablement of software or services that compete with the Company’s software or services.
    • Customer must provide all access, consents, approvals, exception notices, and other communications or permissions as may be required for Company to perform the Services agreed under the Order Form and its Appendix.
  • Customer must provide all cooperation and assistance Company reasonably requests to enable Company to exercise its rights or perform its obligations under the Order Form its related agreements.
  • Exclusions

The Company will not be responsible for the performance of Services under the following circumstances without prior written agreement by the parties:

    • Customer or a third-party has modified Supergiant or the Work Product;
    • The Customer is using a version of Kubernetes Software that is not contained in the Matrix of Currently Supported Kubernetes Distributions as of the Effective Date;
    • The Customer has changed Operating System or other environmental variables after execution of the Appendix;
  • The Customer is negligently using Supergiant or the Work Product in a manner in which it was not designed.

The Services do not include:

    • Installation, configuration, or management of Customer Material;
    • Installation, configuration, or management of Customer’s containers;
    • Third-party integrations;
  • Third-party Application Programming Interfaces.
  • Modification

The Company reserves the right to amend these terms upon written notice to The Customer.  Customer shall not be bound by changes until the next subscription term.