Kubernetes Support Subscriptions for All Stages, Use Cases, and Budgets

Supergiant offers a range of support and consulting subscriptions to help your team realize the full potential of Kubernetes. Whether you’re in need of Kubernetes consulting hours, support in your dev/test environment, or 24/7 mission-critical production support, we have your back.

It’s time to accelerate your Kubernetes adoption, maximize your uptime, and reduce your cloud spend.



“I just need a block of Kubernetes consulting hours.”

  • Response within 2 business days
  • Limited to 6 weeks
  • Advance payment required
  • 20 hours of training, assessment, tickets, whatever you want
  • Minimum $5,000
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“I need help getting to production.”

  • Support during business hours
  • Unlimited support tickets (limit of 1 open ticket at a time)
  • Response times:
    • 2 business days – All severity levels
  • Contract limited to 6 months
  • Starting at $25,000
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Production Support

“I have a production-ready cluster.”

  • Support during business hours
  • Unlimited support tickets
  • 3 named support specialists
  • Response times:
    • 4 hour – Severity 1
    • 12 hours – Severity 2
    • 1 business day – Severity 3
  • Up to 1 Configuration (1 instance of Kubernetes) and up to 25 Nodes
  • Starting at $21,000
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Production Support

“I have business-critical, around-the-clock infrastructure.”

  • 24 x 7 support
  • Unlimited support tickets
  • 5 named support specialists
  • Response times:
    • 1 hour – Severity 1
    • 4 hours – Severity 2
    • 12 hours – Severity 3
  • Custom pricing by the number of configs plus number of nodes
  • Starting at $35,000
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Fernando Garcia

Technical Support Engineer

Aaron Teague

CKA, Technical Support

Clarke Vennerbeck

CKA, CKAD, Technical Support

Eldridge Henley

CKA, Technical Support

Gleb Stepanov

CKA, CKAD, Supergiant Feature Developer, Technical Support

Michael Lussier

Technical Support Engineer

Nick Rager

Technical Support Engineer

Serhii Aheienko

CKA, Technical Support

Enterprise-grade Support

Every individual who provides consulting, and answers a support ticket, or phone call has been highly trained and certified by the CNCF. Supergiant is SLA-backed and highly personal. You'll find no scripted support agents here.

Supergiant Kubernetes Toolkit

We built a toolkit based on our own experience running thousands of nodes worldwide. This free and open source toolkit includes proactive Kubernetes monitoring, alerting, sensible yet flexible defaults, easy deployment, and seamless scaling up and down.

No Vendor Lock-in

We are cloud agnostic and not a distro. Our support is all about plain vanilla, cloud native Kubernetes, whether it’s the latest version or a time-tested one.

Cost-Aware Strategy

We have no incentive to overprovision your infrastructure or your node count for licensing purposes. In fact, our cost-aware autoscaling optimizes your packing and lowers your costs.

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